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All systems go

Posted: Thu Sep 27, 2018 5:43 pm
by robint
Thanks BM

lic key all installed v easy

Did some trivial tests on importing dxf into SU17 - very straight forward with an icosahedron

I assume the point data may be influenced by how the net is orientated?

Is there any way to get one face of a solid coplanar with say my x,y plane (ie 0,0), as at present it arrives skewed from all 3 axes. Its not a big issue, just time wasting re-jigging the model onto my x,y plane with at least one vertex on the x axis and same face co planar with x,y

Its very important in SU that you start with rigorous attention to you base axes - orthogonal mean orthogonal >= 6 dec pl. otherwise you run into trouble with faces not filling (except with a triangulation bodge and this error will propagate through your development - disaster later on

If too difficult maybe I can find a plug in for SU or fiddle with a dxf to xls file?

Here are some silly pix, cant yet get my head around the possibilities of this miscegenation
The attachment icosa.jpg is no longer available
dont know whats gone wrong here, can only add 1 pic

also "add img to post is very low resolution not usable

Re: All systems go

Posted: Sat Sep 29, 2018 4:56 am
by robertw
When you export a 3D model in Stella a form appears where you can specify an orientation:


Choose "Sit on" and from the drop-down choose "3-fold axis".

You could also choose "Sit on current face/edge/vertex/symmetry" if you first select the item you want it to sit on.

Stella uses X left, Y up, Z out of screen. If SketchUp uses something else as the up axis, you may find using "Look At" works better (if SketchUp has Z axis up).