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It's a newborn Great Icosihemidodecahedron

Posted: Tue Sep 16, 2014 10:07 pm
by EricRegener
Finally finished my first model using Stella, a Great Icosiwhatsis (see title). Experts among you will see how clumsy I have been.

- The model is way smaller than I expected. In the 3rd image you see a ball-point pen for scale. With all the paper it used, I was anticipating something more imposing! :P

- The paper is much too thick, as Rob warned me. In the past I just butted edges together, so I needed the thickness. With double tabs it's way too heavy.

- In the nets, I drew in lines for the edge segments that coincide with decagram faces. "I like it like that!" As I said in another post, I imported the PDF nets into CorelDraw, drew the lines in by hand, then exported back to PDF for printing. It's easy to do this when you the software gives you automatic snap-to-node and snap-to-intersection.

- It was fun choosing colors, though here again I have been clumsy. In fact I think two of the dark blue faces are the same color! I used Color Explorer (free, from a Danish guy) to choose the color sets. If someone has a better suggestion for color-choosing software I would be interested to hear. The crucial element is the capacity to view all the colors of your color set at once and modify each one. Color Explorer lets you do this, though the interface is a bit cuckoo.

- I intentionally chose similar but darker color for triangles and their antipodal faces. So there's a "light side" and a "dark side." If I had been more careful you would see this better.

For a first try it's OK I guess. Thanks for your support and information! When I get back to China and settle down (someplace, with someone) I'll get to work on other models.

Anyhow, here it is.




Re: It's a newborn Great Icosihemidodecahedron

Posted: Wed Sep 17, 2014 3:43 pm
by Peter Kane
Thanks for sharing your model - I never tire of seeing them.
A few comments:

I presume that you used the special colour arrangement in Stella ( Color/Special Color Arrangement/Icosahedral1 ) ? Sadly Rob can't spell colour, or maybe there's a shortage of U's down under ? (certainly no shortage of ewes).

Also, you can use Nets/Net/Paper Color Mixing to "Allow Mixing of Colors". Maybe then you can avoid having to dip, into Corel Draw.

With regard to choosing colours, I use something called a "daughter". Unlike me, she isn't colour blind and has a good eye for what goes with what. Colour Explorer looks interesting, but I think it is probably beyond me. I'll point my daughter at it. Thanks for the suggestion.

Pete K

Posted: Wed Sep 17, 2014 9:12 pm
by oxenholme

Pleased to see that you are completing the edges of the decagrams!

I think if I were making this one I'd use 10 colours for the triangles and 6 colours for the decagrams, so 16 in total.

Keep up the good work.

Posted: Thu Sep 18, 2014 1:26 pm
by robertw
Model looks great Eric. It's one I haven't made!

Peter wrote:
Sadly Rob can't spell colour, or maybe there's a shortage of U's down under ? (certainly no shortage of ewes).
We have no shortage of roos maybe, but New Zealand has a lot more ewes!

Ah yes, colour! Australian spelling includes the U (our spelling is generally the same as the UK rather than the US). I tend to use "color" when programming, as it's one letter shorter! Also fits better on menus being one letter shorter, and I figure most users are probably in the US and maybe it's the more international spelling. But otherwise I always include the U! You'll find me writing inconsistent things like "To change the colour use the Color menu".

So I can spell it correctly, I just choose not to sometimes!