equalize only some edge lengths

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equalize only some edge lengths

Post by ThePokemonkey123 » Fri Nov 11, 2022 3:27 am

i've been doing lots of study into polyhedra with skew faces, specifically uniform polyhedra with skew faces.
in this quest i'm often tasked with creating the hull of the shape, faceting it to include all the necessary edges, and then hiding any extraneous edges and faces so i may produce a model of what the shape looks like.

however, the production of these hulls has been a problem, as i often have to use complicated math and external tools to build the hull which equalizes whatever mysterious interior edge lengths are necessary. it would be much easier if i could do this in stella somehow.

now, the optimal solution to this would be to have stella support skew polygons, because then i could just use faceting to create the shape and then equalize edge lengths normally, but this sounds like it'd be a massive undertaking.

instead, i suggest a perhaps simpler solution: let me equalize only some edge lengths in a polyhedron.
i could just create a faceting using all the edges i need (note that it is usually not possible to create facetings that use ONLY the edges i need), tell stella to equalize those specific edges and ignore everything else, and then the hull would be nice and made. perhaps this is done with more weird syntax in the forever mysterious "create spring model" section, where i can just type in whichever edge orbits i need equalized. however it's done, would be very nice. :!:

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Re: equalize only some edge lengths

Post by robertw » Sun Nov 13, 2022 1:42 pm

Stella doesn't currently have an equalise-edge function anyway. It can try to make faces regular, but this also means equalising the angles.

I have been experimenting with code to simply equalise edge lengths, but it applies to all. We don't have a multi-select for edges, but I might be able to make it apply to only visible edges, so you could hide the ones you don't want considered.

I seem to still be a long way off the next version though.

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