4D symmetry groups

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4D symmetry groups

Post by Mulliganaceous » Sun Jan 01, 2023 11:09 pm

For 4D, although the program is able to distinguish cells, faces, edges, and vertices by type, it still hasn't given the option to display (let alone select) the symmetry type of the polychoron.

This is especially evident when a polychoron has doubled pentachoric or 24-cell symmetry. The most recent wave of uniform disccoveries are mostly subsymmetrical facetings of existing uniform or isogonal polyhedron. The entire list of 4D symmetry groups can be quite difficult to enumerate; the more exotic ones are

* Halved 24-cell, toxitic, oxitic
* Ixitic, Ixoic
* Various swirlprism symmetries

I am hoping that displaying or even setting the symmetry group will be a viable update for the next release.

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Re: 4D symmetry groups

Post by robertw » Mon Jan 02, 2023 12:01 pm

Symmetry groups in 4D are way more complicated than in 3D. I'm afraid I don't have any plans to add them at the moment. I've thought about it, and maybe some day, but won't be any time soon. Selecting subsymmetries would also be less useful at the moment in 4D than it is in 3D, as you can't create facetings or stellations in 4D anyway. Would mostly just be to colour the cells accordingly.

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Re: 4D symmetry groups

Post by H A M » Wed Feb 22, 2023 9:22 pm

miratope (galoomba's fork) can enumerate facetings in any dimension

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