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Am I a rice cracker? Am I a guinea pig? Or am I some other cracker critter? Some even say I'm the face of Jesus (after a shave). Who knows, but thanks to a fortuitous arrangement of seaweed, this little rice cracker has been imbued with a personality rarely found in a tasty snack. In any case, this page chronicles my adventures.

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Updated January 2014 - Random happy snaps

July 2011 - North American holiday

March 2011 - Biology Lesson

February 2011 - Aquarium

March 2010 - My Spiritual Journey!

March 2010 - Guinea Cracker: Origins!

Updated January 2010 - My jolly geometry jaunt!

November 2009 - My trip up north!

August 2009 - My exotic spa getaway

March 2009 - My friend Father Mantis

November 2008 - My friend Marvin

October 2008 - My holiday in Coffs Harbour!

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