Worlds Kaleid!

Fracture your world with Worlds Kaleid!

Worlds Kaleid is a live camera kaleidoscope app. View the world in real-time through a kaleidoscope with a large collection of patterns and distortions to choose from. Twist kaleidoscopic patterns into infinite rings or spirals. There are even 3D kaleidoscopes. All running in real-time on your device.

Go to the Google Play store to download it for Android (other platforms may come later depending on demand).

App being used:

Video showing the kinds of things you can see in this app:
Note: app can take photos, but not export video

Quick instructions:
  • Pick a pattern from the bottom toolbar
  • Pick a warping from the left toolbar
  • Pick a source from the top toolbar
  • Bottom left button to hide the other buttons
  • Hit red camera button to take a photo


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