World Record Times

Last updated 11th January 2018.

Here you will find world record times for all the different MineSweeper3D boards. Users submit these from within the program. The format is encrypted to guarantee authenticity.

Click for videos, including TriNitro getting a world record!

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  • B - Beginner (10% mines)
  • I - Intermediate (15% mines)
  • E - Expert (20% mines)
  • ! - Insane! (25% mines)
Level of Subdivision
Tetrahedron B0.0, Alex Doskey0.0, Alex Doskey0.0, Jeff Gullett26.2, TriNitro
I0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Raef4.0, Jeff Gullett59.1, TriNitro
E0.0, Alex Doskey0.0, Raef13.7, Jeff Gullett96.5, Yuval Sivan
!0.0, Alex Doskey0.0, Chris Gilsdorf9.7, Jeff Gullett150.4, Chris Gilsdorf
Cube B0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Chris Gilsdorf11.7, Jeff Gullett
I0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Zacster3.0, Marc Schouten41.2, Jeff Gullett
E0.0, Raef0.0, Alex Doskey13.4, Marc Schouten59.7, Marc Schouten
!0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Chris Gilsdorf15.9, Marc Schouten92.9, Marc Schouten
Cube (Hi-Res) B0.0, Raef1.1, NYMIKE41.5, Marc Schouten188.2, Marc Schouten
I0.0, Alex Doskey21.1, TriNitro92.2, Marc Schouten445.6, Marc Schouten
E5.0, Chris Gilsdorf32.9, Marc Schouten147.3, Marc Schouten679.0, Yuval Sivan
!7.2, Chris Gilsdorf51.3, TriNitro184.8, Marc Schouten1079.7, Yuval Sivan
Octahedron B0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Robert Webb9.2, TriNitro59.5, TriNitro
I0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Raef17.8, Yuval Sivan123.0, TriNitro
E0.0, Raef0.0, Alex Doskey33.9, TriNitro202.0, Yuval Sivan
!0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Jeff Gullett65.3, TriNitro266.3, Yuval Sivan
Dodecahedron B0.0, Robert Webb0.0, darren17.6, TriNitro188.5, Yuval Sivan
I0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Jeff Gullett48.2, Yuval Sivan322.6, Yuval Sivan
E0.0, Raef7.1, TriNitro86.7, Yuval Sivan537.7, Yuval Sivan
!0.0, Robert Webb16.4, TriNitro118.4, Yuval Sivan2172.1, Aaron J Hendrickson
Icosahedron B0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Jeff Gullett24.7, Yuval Sivan138.2, Yuval Sivan
I0.0, Robert Webb7.2, TriNitro55.7, TriNitro247.9, Yuval Sivan
E0.0, Raef13.7, Chris Gilsdorf116.3, TriNitro449.1, Yuval Sivan
!0.0, Chris Gilsdorf27.1, TriNitro181.7, Yuval Sivan948.3, Yuval Sivan
Truncated Tetrahedron B0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Robert Webb14.8, TriNitro99.3, TriNitro
I0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Chris Gilsdorf37.1, TriNitro218.9, Yuval Sivan
E0.0, Robert Webb5.4, Jason Ferguson55.0, TriNitro439.7, Jason Ferguson
!0.0, Robert Webb8.6, Chris Gilsdorf93.2, TriNitro635.8, Yuval Sivan
Cuboctahedron B0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Chris Gilsdorf11.5, Marc Schouten68.2, Chris Gilsdorf
I0.0, Robert Webb0.0, steve38.7, TriNitro151.3, Yuval Sivan
E0.0, Robert Webb8.3, TriNitro57.8, TriNitro272.1, Yuval Sivan
!0.0, Robert Webb11.1, TriNitro90.6, Yuval Sivan439.0, Yuval Sivan
Truncated Octahedron B0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Alex Doskey22.7, TriNitro169.9, Yuval Sivan
I0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Jeff Gullett48.6, Yuval Sivan319.4, Yuval Sivan
E0.0, Robert Webb11.1, TriNitro87.9, Yuval Sivan667.6, Yuval Sivan
!0.0, Alex Doskey21.1, TriNitro124.7, Yuval Sivan2634.9, Aaron J Hendrickson
Truncated Cube B0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Jeff Gullett36.6, TriNitro261.0, TriNitro
I0.0, Robert Webb10.5, TriNitro85.0, TriNitro528.5, Yuval Sivan
E0.0, Alex Doskey24.0, TriNitro141.8, TriNitro845.9, Yuval Sivan
!0.0, Jeff Gullett38.4, TriNitro269.3, TriNitro2756.9, Aaron J Hendrickson
Rhombicuboctahedron B0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Jeff Gullett23.1, TriNitro135.8, TriNitro
I0.0, Robert Webb11.4, TriNitro64.6, TriNitro234.0, Yuval Sivan
E0.0, Alex Doskey11.8, TriNitro96.4, Yuval Sivan463.0, Yuval Sivan
!0.0, Chris Gilsdorf26.4, TriNitro193.4, TriNitro674.1, Yuval Sivan
Truncated Cuboctahedron B0.0, Robert Webb4.7, Marc Schouten47.7, TriNitro387.9, Yuval Sivan
I0.0, Robert Webb11.3, TriNitro114.8, Yuval Sivan793.5, Yuval Sivan
E0.0, Alex Doskey29.3, TriNitro153.3, Yuval Sivan1293.9, Yuval Sivan
!0.0, Chris Gilsdorf42.9, TriNitro337.4, Yuval Sivan-
Snub Cube B0.0, Robert Webb6.7, Chris Gilsdorf56.4, TriNitro281.8, Chris Gilsdorf
I0.0, Chris Gilsdorf24.9, TriNitro131.9, Yuval Sivan474.3, Yuval Sivan
E0.1, Jeff Gullett36.6, TriNitro205.4, Yuval Sivan947.7, Yuval Sivan
!4.3, Chris Gilsdorf61.9, Yuval Sivan279.5, Yuval Sivan1693.1, Yuval Sivan
Icosidodecahedron B0.0, Robert Webb5.0, TriNitro65.5, TriNitro355.9, Yuval Sivan
I0.0, Robert Webb22.1, TriNitro158.0, TriNitro727.5, Yuval Sivan
E0.0, Chris Gilsdorf40.8, TriNitro191.2, Yuval Sivan1217.8, Yuval Sivan
!0.0, Alex Doskey52.6, Yuval Sivan402.1, Yuval Sivan-
Truncated Icosahedron B0.0, Robert Webb4.5, TriNitro72.1, Chris Gilsdorf769.9, Chris Gilsdorf
I0.0, Jim McNeill20.2, TriNitro182.4, Yuval Sivan1675.7, Chris Gilsdorf
E0.0, Chris Gilsdorf37.6, TriNitro324.5, Yuval Sivan-
!0.1, Jeff Gullett50.7, Yuval Sivan646.6, Yuval Sivan-
Truncated Dodecahedron B0.0, Robert Webb13.2, TriNitro105.3, TriNitro585.2, Chris Gilsdorf
I0.0, Jeff Gullett31.2, TriNitro237.5, Yuval Sivan1067.7, Yuval Sivan
E0.0, Jeff Gullett71.6, Yuval Sivan428.7, Yuval Sivan-
!7.3, Chris Gilsdorf194.2, Yuval Sivan1565.8, Aaron J Hendrickson-
Rhombicosidodecahedron B0.0, Robert Webb12.8, TriNitro87.7, Yuval Sivan567.4, Chris Gilsdorf
I0.0, Alex Doskey36.9, TriNitro212.7, TriNitro1045.3, Chris Gilsdorf
E3.7, Chris Gilsdorf51.8, Yuval Sivan344.9, Yuval Sivan3269.6, Alex Doskey
!10.5, Chris Gilsdorf107.5, TriNitro588.7, Yuval Sivan-
Truncated Icosidodecahedron B0.0, Jim McNeill23.5, TriNitro149.3, Yuval Sivan1088.3, Chris Gilsdorf
I0.0, Jeff Gullett46.1, TriNitro295.1, Yuval Sivan3241.3, Chris Gilsdorf
E8.2, Chris Gilsdorf87.7, Yuval Sivan470.7, Yuval Sivan-
!14.8, Chris Gilsdorf188.7, Chris Gilsdorf1032.6, Yuval Sivan-
Snub Dodecahedron B1.9, Chris Gilsdorf30.1, Chris Gilsdorf163.4, Yuval Sivan921.2, Chris Gilsdorf
I11.7, TriNitro81.4, Yuval Sivan316.2, Yuval Sivan2329.9, Chris Gilsdorf
E20.3, TriNitro123.5, Yuval Sivan567.0, Yuval Sivan-
!24.7, Chris Gilsdorf163.5, Yuval Sivan1252.5, Yuval Sivan-
Rhombic Dodecahedron B0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Alex Doskey4.7, Marc Schouten29.3, Marc Schouten
I0.0, Robert Webb0.0, darren15.1, Marc Schouten82.9, Marc Schouten
E0.0, Alex Doskey0.0, rembik28.2, Marc Schouten129.4, Marc Schouten
!0.0, Robert Webb6.4, Marc Schouten41.1, Marc Schouten190.5, Marc Schouten
Strombic Icositetrahedron B0.0, Robert Webb1.0, Marc Schouten11.5, Marc Schouten75.9, Marc Schouten
I0.0, Robert Webb4.3, Marc Schouten32.8, Marc Schouten160.1, Marc Schouten
E0.0, Jim McNeill12.4, Marc Schouten61.0, Marc Schouten263.8, Yuval Sivan
!0.0, Chris Gilsdorf16.7, Marc Schouten87.0, Marc Schouten449.2, Yuval Sivan
Pentagonal Icositetrahedron B0.0, Robert Webb2.1, Chris Gilsdorf43.4, Yuval Sivan444.5, TriNitro
I0.0, Robert Webb11.8, Yuval Sivan102.5, Yuval Sivan1016.4, Chris Gilsdorf
E0.0, Jim McNeill23.9, TriNitro186.3, Yuval Sivan2433.1, Alex Doskey
!0.0, Chris Gilsdorf31.2, Yuval Sivan357.4, Yuval Sivan-
Rhombic Triacontahedron B0.0, Robert Webb1.0, Marc Schouten20.9, Marc Schouten88.8, Marc Schouten
I0.0, Robert Webb7.3, TriNitro47.5, Marc Schouten215.0, Marc Schouten
E0.0, Chris Gilsdorf22.4, TriNitro88.6, Marc Schouten394.9, Yuval Sivan
!3.3, TriNitro28.5, TriNitro139.4, TriNitro609.0, Yuval Sivan
Strombic Hexecontahedron B0.0, Jim McNeill4.4, Jeff Gullett47.1, Marc Schouten217.1, Marc Schouten
I0.0, Jeff Gullett22.5, TriNitro99.5, Marc Schouten501.8, Marc Schouten
E5.7, Chris Gilsdorf45.0, Yuval Sivan161.2, Yuval Sivan1024.6, Zharmad
!12.8, TriNitro52.8, Yuval Sivan328.4, Yuval Sivan1326.3, Yuval Sivan
Pentagonal Hexecontahedron B0.0, Alex Doskey16.3, TriNitro138.0, Yuval Sivan1331.9, Chris Gilsdorf
I0.0, Chris Gilsdorf44.4, Yuval Sivan294.5, Yuval Sivan4292.0, John A Roberts
E0.0, Jeff Gullett68.8, Yuval Sivan483.9, Yuval Sivan-
!11.7, Chris Gilsdorf89.2, Yuval Sivan1492.3, Aaron J Hendrickson-
Heptagonal Antiprism B0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Liz Burrow34.0, Nancy Lebovitz196.8, TriNitro
I0.0, Robert Webb5.0, TriNitro78.3, TriNitro513.0, John A Roberts
E0.0, Robert Webb17.7, Alex Doskey141.4, TriNitro900.0, Bbaass_TMH
!0.0, Robert Webb33.6, John A Roberts251.6, TriNitro1186.5, Aaron J Hendrickson
Hendecagonal Prism B0.0, Robert Webb0.0, DBWoerner11.1, Marc Schouten121.3, Marc Schouten
I0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Jeff Gullett51.2, TriNitro310.7, TriNitro
E0.0, Robert Webb8.5, Marc Schouten86.7, TriNitro555.1, TriNitro
!0.0, Robert Webb14.8, Marc Schouten131.9, TriNitro1232.3, Aaron J Hendrickson
Dodecagonal-faced Near-miss B0.0, Jeff Gullett10.7, TriNitro103.0, TriNitro684.1, TriNitro
I0.0, Jeff Gullett29.6, TriNitro207.9, TriNitro1354.0, TriNitro
E4.7, Lewi48.3, TriNitro368.0, TriNitro3594.1, Alex Doskey
!6.3, TriNitro86.5, TriNitro570.2, TriNitro-
Enneagonal-faced Near-miss B0.0, Lewi14.3, TriNitro113.6, TriNitro669.4, TriNitro
I0.0, Jeff Gullett36.0, TriNitro220.3, TriNitro1358.9, TriNitro
E0.0, Jeff Gullett60.0, TriNitro417.3, TriNitro3051.2, Aaron J Hendrickson
!0.0, Jeff Gullett125.7, TriNitro757.3, Aaron J Hendrickson-
Bilunabirotunda B0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Jeff Gullett30.0, Lewis177.0, NYMIKE
I0.0, Robert Webb10.3, Lewi74.8, Lewis391.7, Lewi
E0.0, Robert Webb12.0, John A Roberts129.0, Lewi902.6, Lewi
!0.0, Robert Webb24.9, Lewi166.3, Lewi1894.9, Aaron J Hendrickson
Half-truncated Truncated Icosahedron
B0.0, 4K-EOTS55.6, Bbaass_TMH282.6, Aaron Hendrickson2618.8, Bbaass_TMH
I13.3, Bbaass_TMH130.7, Bbaass_TMH688.0, Aaron Hendrickson4030.9, Bbaass_TMH
E25.9, Bbaass_TMH208.5, Bbaass_TMH986.1, Aaron Hendrickson-
!35.7, Bbaass_TMH413.7, Bbaass_TMH2958.4, DBWoerner-
Stella Octangula B0.0, Robert Webb12.0, TriNitro53.5, TriNitro189.9, Yuval Sivan
I0.0, Robert Webb22.0, TriNitro101.7, Chris Gilsdorf365.6, Yuval Sivan
E0.1, Alex Doskey49.4, TriNitro204.3, Yuval Sivan675.6, Yuval Sivan
!0.0, Chris Gilsdorf72.0, Chris Gilsdorf371.2, Yuval Sivan1393.1, Yuval Sivan
3D Cross B0.0, Robert Webb0.0, AvonBeckyCarr-Eureka-CA24.9, Marc Schouten99.7, Marc Schouten
I0.0, Robert Webb14.1, Lewi64.7, Marc Schouten238.8, Yuval Sivan
E0.0, Alex Doskey26.8, Chris Gilsdorf102.4, Marc Schouten482.5, Yuval Sivan
!0.0, Jeff Gullett36.6, Chris Gilsdorf180.3, Yuval Sivan781.2, Yuval Sivan
Great Rhombihexacron B0.0, Jeff Gullett23.6, TriNitro123.2, TriNitro620.9, TriNitro
I7.4, Lewi56.4, TriNitro260.9, Jeff Gullett1425.4, Lewi
E10.0, Alex Doskey118.8, TriNitro571.1, Adam Perkins2583.5, BiDeM
!25.0, Lewi198.0, Adam Perkins949.4, BiDeM4381.1, BiDeM
Great Strombic Icositetrahedron B0.0, Jeff Gullett18.4, TriNitro101.1, TriNitro398.9, Marc Schouten
I14.3, Tyler53.8, TriNitro237.1, TriNitro1076.6, Lewi
E21.6, TriNitro82.7, TriNitro363.5, TriNitro1460.4, Jeff Gullett
!32.9, TriNitro126.2, TriNitro640.6, Lewi2698.8, Sean
Great Cubicuboctahedron B4.5, TriNitro70.2, TriNitro429.1, Adam Perkins2436.1, Jeff Gullett
I34.1, TriNitro149.6, TriNitro977.0, Lewi5338.7, Jeff Gullett
E60.9, TriNitro295.8, Adam Perkins1742.8, Aaron J Hendrickson-
!63.1, Adam Perkins689.0, bill.brown3479.6, Aaron J Hendrickson-
Small Stellated Dodecahedron B0.0, Robert Webb20.5, Chris Gilsdorf121.6, Yuval Sivan462.6, Yuval Sivan
I6.3, TriNitro57.5, Adam Perkins232.4, Yuval Sivan963.6, Yuval Sivan
E11.9, TriNitro77.0, Yuval Sivan371.9, Yuval Sivan1503.5, Yuval Sivan
!20.9, TriNitro119.7, Yuval Sivan818.2, Yuval Sivan5185.6, Aaron J Hendrickson
Great Stellated Dodecahedron B6.7, Chris Gilsdorf49.7, TriNitro186.3, Yuval Sivan678.8, Chris Gilsdorf
I25.7, Chris Gilsdorf146.1, TriNitro352.8, Yuval Sivan1159.7, Yuval Sivan
E43.5, Chris Gilsdorf302.1, Chris Gilsdorf667.1, Yuval Sivan2008.9, Yuval Sivan
!441.1, Aaron J Hendrickson752.9, DBWoerner1117.1, Yuval Sivan-
Compound of 5 Octahedra B18.1, TriNitro79.2, TriNitro330.2, TriNitro1681.4, andy
I39.4, TriNitro160.3, TriNitro771.3, TriNitro4157.8, John A Roberts
E70.0, TriNitro408.1, Adam Perkins1539.2, John A Roberts6879.5, John A Roberts
!146.0, TriNitro766.1, John A Roberts3552.9, Aaron J Hendrickson-
Dodecadodecahedron B10.4, NYMIKE64.9, Lewi367.1, Lewi2038.0, John A. Roberts
I42.3, Lewi157.9, Lewi753.1, Lewi3461.2, andy
E57.3, Lewi279.9, Lewi1377.1, Lewi11590.6, Aaron J Hendrickson
!180.2, John A Roberts662.0, Aaron J Hendrickson2906.5, Aaron J Hendrickson-
Great Icosidodecahedron
B4.4, Lewi76.8, Lewi417.6, Lewi-
I36.7, DBWoerner161.7, Aaron Hendrickson904.3, Lewi-
E54.1, DBWoerner229.6, Lewi2750.0, DBWoerner-
!84.7, Aaron Hendrickson413.1, Aaron Hendrickson--
Pentagonal Duoprism Net
B0.0, Lewi28.2, Lewi178.4, Aaron Hendrickson-
I6.5, wschadow102.7, DBWoerner302.6, Lewi-
E33.5, DBWoerner147.2, Lewi514.2, Lewi-
!45.3, Aaron Hendrickson267.3, Aaron Hendrickson976.0, Aaron J Hendrickson-
One Big Mine B0.0, Marc Schouten28.0, TriNitro133.5, Yuval Sivan484.5, Yuval Sivan
I7.4, TriNitro73.0, TriNitro263.0, Yuval Sivan981.4, Yuval Sivan
E12.2, TriNitro118.2, Yuval Sivan433.7, Yuval Sivan1593.4, Yuval Sivan
!22.9, TriNitro199.5, Yuval Sivan872.8, Yuval Sivan7075.7, Aaron J Hendrickson
Torus B0.0, Zharmad7.4, TriNitro51.3, Marc Schouten241.4, Marc Schouten
I0.0, Marc Schouten29.8, TriNitro116.4, Marc Schouten615.7, Marc Schouten
E6.9, Alex Doskey49.5, Marc Schouten192.7, Marc Schouten1226.7, TriNitro
!21.6, TriNitro74.3, Marc Schouten343.1, Marc Schouten2115.0, Zharmad
Torus 2
B3.5, Lewi34.5, Lewi190.4, Aaron Hendrickson1136.4, Bbaass_TMH
I18.5, Lewi76.9, Aaron Hendrickson354.3, Aaron Hendrickson1560.9, andy
E42.2, DBWoerner132.0, Lewi530.3, Aaron Hendrickson-
!48.1, Lewi217.2, Lewi991.6, Aaron Hendrickson-
Hollow Cube B9.3, NYMIKE51.6, Lewi231.5, Lewi1046.0, Lewi
I51.8, Lewi119.1, Lewi394.8, Lewi2095.8, Lewi
E92.5, Lewi197.1, Lewi722.3, Lewi2912.1, Lewi
!196.0, Lewi279.9, Lewi1298.7, Lewi-
Drilled Truncated Cube B0.0, Robert Webb8.1, Chris Gilsdorf73.7, TriNitro364.0, Chris Gilsdorf
I0.0, Robert Webb32.4, Chris Gilsdorf196.0, TriNitro816.0, Chris Gilsdorf
E0.0, Robert Webb66.7, Adam Perkins302.4, Chris Gilsdorf1708.5, Zharmad
!0.0, Jeff Gullett90.4, Adam Perkins665.5, John A Roberts-
Four-Drilled Truncated Octahedron B0.0, Alex Doskey8.7, Jason Ferguson87.7, Jeff Gullett411.4, Chris Gilsdorf
I0.0, Alex Doskey55.4, Lewi214.0, TriNitro916.2, Lewi
E0.0, Chris Gilsdorf78.8, Chris Gilsdorf360.5, Lewi1730.6, Lewi
!0.0, Jeff Gullett140.2, Chris Gilsdorf929.0, DBWoerner-
Prism-Expanded Truncated Octahedron B30.3, TriNitro70.4, TriNitro302.9, TriNitro1388.6, Lewi
I135.3, TriNitro192.4, Lewi654.6, Lewi3217.9, Zharmad
E841.4, TriNitro401.4, Lewi1127.7, Lewi7731.4, Jeff Gullett
!1583.0, TriNitro805.4, Jeff Gullett2346.4, Aaron J Hendrickson-
Prism-Expanded Truncated Cube B40.5, Lewi63.2, TriNitro255.6, TriNitro1257.2, Lewi
I199.3, Alex Doskey174.6, Lewi629.1, Lewi2717.2, Lewi
E445.1, TriNitro437.4, Lewi1013.4, Lewi6562.3, Jeff Gullett
!1023.0, TriNitro681.6, Lewi1716.8, Lewi-
Prism-Expanded Truncated Cuboctahedron B134.0, TriNitro94.3, Lewi382.8, Lewi2587.8, Jeff Gullett
I524.6, Alex Doskey218.4, Lewi875.9, Lewi3883.3, Jeff Gullett
E-430.6, Lewi1296.8, Lewi10604.8, Jeff Gullett
!-701.2, Lewi4172.9, Alex Doskey-
Zeolite B8.2, Alex Doskey89.9, Lewi556.1, Lewi5842.2, John A Roberts
I45.9, Lewi186.2, Lewi1000.4, Lewi-
E101.2, TriNitro285.2, Lewi1593.1, Lewi-
!142.8, John A Roberts722.4, Lewi--

Most Difficult Boards

These are the boards from above with the longest world record times. Of course, there are still some other boards which haven't been solved at all yet!

Time Player Board Subdivision Level
11590.6Aaron J HendricksonDodecadodecahedron8Expert
10604.8Jeff GullettPrism-Expanded Truncated Cuboctahedron8Expert
7731.4Jeff GullettPrism-Expanded Truncated Octahedron8Expert
7075.7Aaron J HendricksonOne Big Mine8Insane!
6879.5John A RobertsCompound of 5 Octahedra8Expert
6562.3Jeff GullettPrism-Expanded Truncated Cube8Expert
5842.2John A RobertsZeolite8Beginner
5338.7Jeff GullettGreat Cubicuboctahedron8Intermediate
5185.6Aaron J HendricksonSmall Stellated Dodecahedron8Insane!
4381.1BiDeMGreat Rhombihexacron8Insane!

Top World Record Holders

Player Number of non-trivial records held
(greater than 1.0 second only)
Total number of records held
Yuval Sivan135135
Marc Schouten5862
Chris Gilsdorf5168
Aaron J Hendrickson2121
Jeff Gullett1744
Aaron Hendrickson1414
John A Roberts1212
Alex Doskey1031
Adam Perkins99
Jason Ferguson33
John A. Roberts11
Nancy Lebovitz11
Robert Webb067
Jim McNeill05
Liz Burrow01


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