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Compound of 5 Tetrahemihexahedra

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This is a compound of 5 tetrahemihexahedra. It's like the compound of 5 octahedra but with each octahedron replaced by a tetrahemihexahedron. The model is available in Great Stella and Stella4D's Polyhedron Libraries.

Here's one of the nets cut out with edges folded. You need 30 copies of this, 6 in each of 5 colours.
The net glued up. Two tabs are glued together, and then this double tab is glued across behind an edge on the opposite side.
Three such parts can be glued together like this.
Same piece as seen from below.
Keep gluing parts together. Here's the first ten.
And again, as seen from beneath.
More parts attached.
Keep going.
At this point there's 5 parts left to go, but it would be very hard to glue them in nicely without access from inside. After much thought, I decided to put the last section in as a separate cap. You can see 5 extra little triangles attached around the hole which the cap will fit over.
Here's the final cap, which fits over the hole above. This cap too has 5 extra pieces attached around the edge, which will sit on matching parts around the hole. Apply glue to all the parts that sit over each other, put the cap in place and we're done!

Here's a tutorial from Dutchpapergirl

Home > Gallery > My Models > Symmetric Compounds > Compound of 5 Tetrahemihexahedra
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