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Here's a list of the main changes I've made to the website, from newest to oldest. For changes to the software, see the version history.

29th January 2023

29th February 2020

14th September 2019

15th June 2019

9th April 2019

2nd January 2019
  • Nothing to do with polyhedra, but I wrote some music and added links to my home page. You can play them here too:

28th December 2018
  • Added a lovely quote from Jeff Walker to the Testimonials page:

    "A big thank you and a merry Christmas. This is the first year my 11 year old autistic son has smiled on Christmas day. Your software, a gift from Santa has made this day possible. Thank you for more than just making sure it was here but for your efforts in writing the software too. It has made a big difference in my child's life."

9th July 2018
  • Massive overhaul of website! Much nicer now.

4th July 2018

30th June 2018
  • Fixed all the embedded videos, most of which had stopped working.

18th June 2018

11th June 2018
  • Updated forum to phpBB3. Should make dealing with spammers easier, and hopefully easier for new users to get activated. Join the discussion at the forums.

5th May 2017

30th April 2017

25th April 2017
  • Dutchpapergirl made a video tutorial about how to make the compound of 5 tetrahemihexahedra, which I've now embedded at the bottom of my page about the model.

15th April 2017
  • New paper models by Keith Davison using Great Stella

12th March 2017

5th March 2017

23rd February 2017

12th June 2016
  • Bridges 2016 in Finland, I'll be there
    If you want to meet me and talk Stella, I'll be at the yearly Bridges conference on art & science in August 2016, Finland. Two of my paper models will be on display, and one of my short films will be screened.

26th November 2015
  • Added new photos of some paper models:
  • Added close-up photos of some paper models:

  • Made a lot of images higher resolution, especially the uniform polyhedra.

22nd November 2015

10th August 2015

1st August 2015

6th July 2015

19th June 2015

21st February 2015

4th February 2015

24th December 2014
  • Added a montage of new photos of my paper models of three great stellated dodecahedra, each scaled by the golden ratio.

19th December 2014
  • Added a montage of new photos of my paper models of three small stellated dodecahedra, each scaled by the golden ratio.

7th December 2014
  • Expanded my description of uniform polyhedra to include an explanation of vertex descriptions.

24th November 2014

27th September 2014

23rd August 2014

4th August 2014

16th June 2014

26th May 2014

16th May 2014

10th May 2014
  • Added Merchandise page, showing all the Stella merchandise available (calendar, mugs, mouse pads, greeting cards, posters etc).
  • Stella 5.4 released!
    This is a free upgrade for existing Stella 5 users. See the version history for a list of all changes.

5th May 2014
  • Added some new stellation enumeration results:
    • Truncated icosidodecahedron, fully supported stellations: 1016992138164 total (226575482 reflexible & 1016765562682 chiral)
    • Icosidodecahedron, Miller's rules stellations: 70841855109 total (7071672 reflexible & 70834783437 chiral)
    • Dodecagonal antiprism, Miller's rules stellations: 7662769412 reflexible

18th April 2014

10th March 2014

26th January 2014
  • Added new testimonial to quotes page.
    "I love playing around with all of the beautiful objects you include in your library - and as a game developer, mathematician, and web developer/designer I feel like I can speak from a position of authority when telling you that your UI/UX experience is AMAZING and intuitive. I hope I can one day make something as easy to use as your software :-)" - Ian Douglas
  • Added new photo of my compound of 5 small stellated dodecahedra.

14th January 2014

1st January 2014
  • I designed a polyhedral calendar which you can buy, filled with high quality photos of my paper polyhedra. You'll also find greeting cards.


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