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Topological Small Triambic Icosahedron

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This is a stylized version of the small triambic icosahedron, dual of the small ditrigonal icosidodecahedron and a stellation of the icosahedron with irregular hexagonal faces. The idea is that only true edges of the polyhedron should connect. The false edges that normally appear in a model where faces intersect but don't share a true edge have been removed by cutting away part of each face, allowing the faces to pass through each other without collision. I call this a topological model, as it highlights the true topology of the polyhedron. This lets you better see the internal structure of the polyhedron.

This is how the small triambic icosahedron normally looks, before we cut parts away.
Here's the model in Great Stella. It takes some practice to make such a model in Stella, but it is possible! See the other topological models for some details about how. To make this model though, you don't need to create it yourself. You can find it in Great Stella and Stella4D's libraries as "Stella Library→Topological→Topo Small Triambic Icosahedron". In Stella the surface has a thickness, but when printing the nets I only printed and used the big outer panels.
Here are the first three pieces glued together around a vertex. I used thicker paper for this model, to add strength since it would be more flimsy than usual. I cut the parts out completely, with no tabs, and used thinner paper to create small caps to fit under each vertex to hold parts together.
Same as above, but turned over and with an extra piece sitting in place below the vertex (not glued yet).
Some more pieces. Be careful to seave the parts together properly, and not to glue closed an area that needs another part below it.
Coming along nicely.

Home > Gallery > My Models > Topological Models > Topological Small Triambic Icosahedron
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