New Christmas Cracker Jokes!

Every year the same old Christmas cracker jokes come out and everyone groans at how bad they are. So this year (2004) I wrote my own jokes. They are still suitably bad, as required by the Christmas cracker format, but at least they're new!

Click on the cracker to pop it and see the question. Click on the question to see the answer. Click again to move onto the next cracker containing the next joke.

There are 22 jokes in all, followed by a couple of Christmas cartoons and finally a Christmas poem. Good luck!

Christmas crackersCartoons Poems

A Christmas poem.

(Please send this poem to everyone you know at Christmas time)

A unique Christmas message for you on this day,
This day of individuals.
It's all for one and one for all!
(That should leave no residuals).

A day for good and not for bad.
Where does all that sin go?
A day to admire the microcosm,
Within the Myer window.

A day for presents and Christmas specials.
A day for giving and taking.
A day for saying "It's just what I wanted!"
A day for sleeping, not waking.

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