MineSweeper3D Version History

MineSweeper3D 2.8.1, 5th September 2015

  • Fixed issue saving best times for some users.
MineSweeper3D 2.8, 16th August 2015
  • Added four new boards!

MineSweeper3D 2.7.1, 8th March 2013
  • Fixed: settings not being restored between sessions.
  • Fixed: list of your world records that have been beaten appeared when necessary but was empty.
  • Added one more sound effect when winning.
MineSweeper3D 2.7, 5th March 2013
  • Added three new boards! Bilunabirotunda (Johnson solid J91), Dodecadodecahedron, and Hollow cube.
  • Choice of sound themes. Use "Options→Sound Themes". No need to listen to my home-made effects any more! But don't worry, they're still available as an option.
  • Fixed some minor issues.

MineSweeper3D 2.6, 4th July 2010
  • Added four new boards! The heptagonal antiprism, the hendecagonal prism, a torus, and a zeolite structure.
  • Added nicer frames around the stats area and countdown meters.
  • Improved the lighting a little.

MineSweeper3D 2.5.2, 22nd October 2009
  • Now when you hit a mine, the remaining unflagged mine will be revealed on grey tiles, so you can tell which mines you'd flagged and which ones you didn't.
  • Added option to stop auto-play/stats-mode after a given number of moves.
MineSweeper3D 2.5.1, 5th April 2008
  • Oops! 2.5 included 3 new boards, although I hadn't actually meant to include them yet! They are now included officially, and listed in the new boards menu. Find them quickly with "Board->NEW". New world records up for grabs!

MineSweeper3D 2.5, 5th April 2008
  • Improved the shading and colour of the three countdown bars.
  • Added the "Help->Online Forums" menu item for visiting the online MineSweeper3D forums.
  • Changed the way mouse movements are handled. Shouldn't make any noticable difference, but let me know if there are problems.
MineSweeper3D 2.4.2, 18th January 2008
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes clicking on tiles near the edge of a board (or on an oblique angle) wouldn't work, so you couldn't open or flag those tiles without first rotating the board.
MineSweeper3D 2.4.1, 11th January 2008
  • I have changed email and website, so links in the program have been updated accordingly. Please update your links too if you have any.
    OLD: http://web.aanet.com.au/robertw/Mines3D
    NEW: http://www.software3d.com/Mines3D
MineSweeper3D 2.4, 18th December 2006
  • Added three new boards! Find them quickly in the "Board->NEW" menu.
  • "Board" menu now has new "Near Misses" submenu.

MineSweeper3D 2.3, 8th August 2005
  • Added three new boards!
  • Reorganised the "Board" menu into categories.
  • "Board" menu also has the submenu "NEW" which contains the new boards for this release (you will also find those boards listed in the appropriate categories).

MineSweeper3D 2.2, 18th July 2004
  • On some systems, MineSweeper3D failed to notice when an internet connection was available, but still spent 5 seconds looking for it.
  • Searching for updates and world records is now done in the background, so even with a slow internet connection the program will start straight away. Messages about new versions or new world records will not appear until between games (they won't interrupt you during play!).
MineSweeper3D 2.1, 20th June 2004
  • Automatically check for new versions of the software if an internet connection is present. Option to check daily, weekly, or monthly, or never to check at all.
  • Software now refers to the new web site.
MineSweeper3D 2.0, ~10th November 2003
  • Added auto-solver and insane mode.
Changes before version 2.0 not available.


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