Purchasing MineSweeper3D


  • First license: US$9.95 .
  • Additional license (for same user, different computer): US$5.95.
A license is locked to a particular computer. Additional licenses may be purchased at the cheaper price, allowing you to run the program on two computers, or to transfer your license to a new computer. To buy a copy, start by filling out the form below.

Before purchasing MineSweeper3D you must download and run the demo version (available here). The demo version will tell you your computer's ID, which must be entered in the form below. If you purchase MineSweeper3D, it will only run on the computer whose ID you enter.

Your serial number will be emailed to you, usually within 24 hours of payment. Contact Robert Webb at if it takes more than 48 hours. Nothing will be sent to you physically, only by email. (Note: if you pay by eCheck, it may take a few extra days as the eCheck has to clear).

Computer's ID. [required]
ID of computer on which you want the program to run. You can only obtain this ID by running the demo version on that computer. We suggest you click the "Copy ID to clipboard" button in the demo, then paste it here with Ctrl+V (provided you are filling out this form on the same machine that you wish to run the program on). Be careful not to get the ID wrong!

Licensee's name. [required]
Name of person to whom software will be licensed.
First names (include title if you wish)
Last name

Licensee's email address. [required]
Email address of person named above. Registration code to enable the software will be sent to this address. The address will never be given to anyone else.

Country. [required]
In what country do you live?

How did you hear about MineSweeper3D?
If you found it using a search engine, what did you search for?

Any additional comments?

Is this an additional license of MineSweeper3D? If so, tick this box, and the cost will only be $5.95 rather than $9.95.
Note: if you tick this box when you do not already have a full license for another computer, you will not receive a license!

I have read and accept the license agreement.


  • MineSweeper3D runs under Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7, 8 & 10.


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