World Record Times

Last updated 7th May 2023.

Here you will find world record times for all the different MineSweeper3D boards. Users submit these from within the program. The format is encrypted to guarantee authenticity.

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  • B - Beginner (10% mines)
  • I - Intermediate (15% mines)
  • E - Expert (20% mines)
  • ! - Insane! (25% mines)
Level of Subdivision
Tetrahedron B0.0, Alex Doskey0.0, Alex Doskey0.0, Jeff Gullett26.0, Michael Gottlieb
I0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Raef4.0, Jeff Gullett53.5, Michael Gottlieb
E0.0, Alex Doskey0.0, Raef13.0, Michael Gottlieb89.8, Michael Gottlieb
!0.0, Alex Doskey0.0, Chris Gilsdorf9.7, Jeff Gullett130.5, Michael Gottlieb
Cube B0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Chris Gilsdorf10.5, Michael Gottlieb
I0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Zacster2.5, Michael Gottlieb39.3, Michael Gottlieb
E0.0, Raef0.0, Alex Doskey11.4, Michael Gottlieb57.7, Michael Gottlieb
!0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Chris Gilsdorf14.1, Michael Gottlieb82.8, Michael Gottlieb
Cube (Hi-Res) B0.0, Raef1.1, NYMIKE36.0, Michael Gottlieb129.0, Michael Gottlieb
I0.0, Alex Doskey11.4, Michael Gottlieb68.6, Michael Gottlieb391.8, Michael Gottlieb
E4.1, Michael Gottlieb27.7, Michael Gottlieb126.1, Michael Gottlieb578.3, Michael Gottlieb
!5.2, Michael Gottlieb47.2, Michael Gottlieb178.6, Michael Gottlieb981.9, Michael Gottlieb
Octahedron B0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Robert Webb5.4, Michael Gottlieb56.5, Michael Gottlieb
I0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Raef17.1, Michael Gottlieb110.8, Michael Gottlieb
E0.0, Raef0.0, Alex Doskey28.5, Michael Gottlieb185.7, Michael Gottlieb
!0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Jeff Gullett54.4, Michael Gottlieb259.1, Michael Gottlieb
Dodecahedron B0.0, Robert Webb0.0, darren16.6, Michael Gottlieb160.1, Michael Gottlieb
I0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Jeff Gullett47.8, Michael Gottlieb322.6, Yuval Sivan
E0.0, Raef6.8, Michael Gottlieb85.6, Michael Gottlieb537.7, Yuval Sivan
!0.0, Robert Webb16.3, Michael Gottlieb118.4, Yuval Sivan2172.1, Aaron J Hendrickson
Icosahedron B0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Jeff Gullett23.8, Michael Gottlieb125.1, Michael Gottlieb
I0.0, Robert Webb5.3, Michael Gottlieb52.6, Michael Gottlieb238.6, Michael Gottlieb
E0.0, Raef12.1, Michael Gottlieb98.5, Michael Gottlieb402.1, Michael Gottlieb
!0.0, Chris Gilsdorf25.4, Michael Gottlieb158.3, Michael Gottlieb788.7, Michael Gottlieb
Truncated Tetrahedron B0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Robert Webb13.8, Michael Gottlieb85.6, Michael Gottlieb
I0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Chris Gilsdorf33.0, Michael Gottlieb183.6, Michael Gottlieb
E0.0, Robert Webb4.7, Michael Gottlieb52.9, Michael Gottlieb402.9, Michael Gottlieb
!0.0, Robert Webb7.6, Michael Gottlieb84.5, Michael Gottlieb635.8, Yuval Sivan
Cuboctahedron B0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Chris Gilsdorf11.1, Michael Gottlieb66.7, Michael Gottlieb
I0.0, Robert Webb0.0, steve38.0, Michael Gottlieb143.4, Michael Gottlieb
E0.0, Robert Webb6.2, Michael Gottlieb55.8, Michael Gottlieb209.2, Michael Gottlieb
!0.0, Robert Webb10.3, Michael Gottlieb83.4, Michael Gottlieb416.3, Michael Gottlieb
Truncated Octahedron B0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Alex Doskey21.2, Michael Gottlieb136.6, Michael Gottlieb
I0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Jeff Gullett47.8, Michael Gottlieb309.6, Michael Gottlieb
E0.0, Robert Webb10.7, Michael Gottlieb86.6, Michael Gottlieb625.5, Michael Gottlieb
!0.0, Alex Doskey20.1, Michael Gottlieb111.7, Michael Gottlieb2634.9, Aaron J Hendrickson
Truncated Cube B0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Jeff Gullett24.3, Michael Gottlieb189.9, Michael Gottlieb
I0.0, Robert Webb9.7, Michael Gottlieb69.4, Michael Gottlieb413.4, Michael Gottlieb
E0.0, Alex Doskey21.7, Michael Gottlieb113.4, Michael Gottlieb684.6, Michael Gottlieb
!0.0, Jeff Gullett36.0, Michael Gottlieb238.9, Michael Gottlieb2756.9, Aaron J Hendrickson
Rhombicuboctahedron B0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Jeff Gullett21.6, Michael Gottlieb121.1, Michael Gottlieb
I0.0, Robert Webb10.8, Michael Gottlieb58.2, Michael Gottlieb203.5, Michael Gottlieb
E0.0, Alex Doskey11.7, Michael Gottlieb78.8, Michael Gottlieb430.7, Michael Gottlieb
!0.0, Chris Gilsdorf25.3, Michael Gottlieb166.1, Michael Gottlieb605.0, Michael Gottlieb
Truncated Cuboctahedron B0.0, Robert Webb4.5, Michael Gottlieb36.6, Michael Gottlieb377.0, Michael Gottlieb
I0.0, Robert Webb9.1, Michael Gottlieb112.9, Michael Gottlieb763.8, Michael Gottlieb
E0.0, Alex Doskey29.1, Michael Gottlieb153.3, Yuval Sivan1293.9, Yuval Sivan
!0.0, Chris Gilsdorf42.1, Michael Gottlieb260.6, Michael Gottlieb-
Snub Cube B0.0, Robert Webb6.4, Michael Gottlieb51.3, Michael Gottlieb242.1, Michael Gottlieb
I0.0, Chris Gilsdorf21.0, Michael Gottlieb118.8, Michael Gottlieb441.8, Michael Gottlieb
E0.1, Jeff Gullett33.5, Michael Gottlieb187.1, Michael Gottlieb778.6, Michael Gottlieb
!4.0, Michael Gottlieb60.7, Michael Gottlieb269.1, Michael Gottlieb1693.1, Yuval Sivan
Icosidodecahedron B0.0, Robert Webb2.9, Michael Gottlieb50.6, Michael Gottlieb337.3, Michael Gottlieb
I0.0, Robert Webb20.4, Michael Gottlieb147.6, Michael Gottlieb687.5, Michael Gottlieb
E0.0, Chris Gilsdorf37.1, Michael Gottlieb182.4, Michael Gottlieb1217.8, Yuval Sivan
!0.0, Alex Doskey45.4, Michael Gottlieb341.2, Michael Gottlieb-
Truncated Icosahedron B0.0, Robert Webb2.3, Michael Gottlieb66.2, Michael Gottlieb747.1, Michael Gottlieb
I0.0, Jim McNeill19.0, Michael Gottlieb167.9, Michael Gottlieb1245.8, Michael Gottlieb
E0.0, Chris Gilsdorf35.7, Michael Gottlieb253.9, Michael Gottlieb5857.0, Bbaass_TMH
!0.1, Jeff Gullett46.9, Michael Gottlieb646.6, Yuval Sivan-
Truncated Dodecahedron B0.0, Robert Webb11.0, Michael Gottlieb101.5, Michael Gottlieb581.1, Michael Gottlieb
I0.0, Jeff Gullett29.5, Michael Gottlieb195.8, Michael Gottlieb1067.7, Yuval Sivan
E0.0, Jeff Gullett51.1, Michael Gottlieb387.1, Michael Gottlieb4467.3, Bbaass_TMH
!6.1, Michael Gottlieb194.2, Yuval Sivan1565.8, Aaron J Hendrickson-
Rhombicosidodecahedron B0.0, Robert Webb12.1, Michael Gottlieb73.8, Michael Gottlieb466.1, Michael Gottlieb
I0.0, Alex Doskey36.3, Michael Gottlieb197.4, Michael Gottlieb932.1, Michael Gottlieb
E3.7, Chris Gilsdorf50.8, Michael Gottlieb263.1, Michael Gottlieb3269.6, Alex Doskey
!10.5, Chris Gilsdorf103.1, Michael Gottlieb515.7, Michael Gottlieb-
Truncated Icosidodecahedron B0.0, Jim McNeill20.1, Michael Gottlieb144.6, Michael Gottlieb915.3, Michael Gottlieb
I0.0, Jeff Gullett44.9, Michael Gottlieb265.9, Michael Gottlieb2998.1, Bbaass_TMH
E7.5, Michael Gottlieb78.6, Michael Gottlieb453.5, Michael Gottlieb5795.7, Bbaass_TMH
!13.3, Michael Gottlieb125.6, Michael Gottlieb1032.6, Yuval Sivan-
Snub Dodecahedron B1.9, Chris Gilsdorf29.0, Michael Gottlieb157.1, Michael Gottlieb766.4, Michael Gottlieb
I10.8, Michael Gottlieb71.8, Michael Gottlieb296.4, Michael Gottlieb1787.9, Michael Gottlieb
E18.2, Michael Gottlieb122.7, Michael Gottlieb531.9, Michael Gottlieb8067.3, Bbaass_TMH
!20.2, Michael Gottlieb153.1, Michael Gottlieb1043.1, Michael Gottlieb-
Rhombic Dodecahedron B0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Alex Doskey4.3, Michael Gottlieb28.3, Michael Gottlieb
I0.0, Robert Webb0.0, darren13.8, Michael Gottlieb76.5, Michael Gottlieb
E0.0, Alex Doskey0.0, rembik27.9, Michael Gottlieb114.7, Michael Gottlieb
!0.0, Robert Webb5.1, Michael Gottlieb38.5, Michael Gottlieb178.8, Michael Gottlieb
Strombic Icositetrahedron B0.0, Robert Webb0.7, Michael Gottlieb10.5, Michael Gottlieb65.5, Michael Gottlieb
I0.0, Robert Webb4.0, Michael Gottlieb31.1, Michael Gottlieb158.4, Michael Gottlieb
E0.0, Jim McNeill9.9, Michael Gottlieb57.0, Michael Gottlieb255.6, Michael Gottlieb
!0.0, Chris Gilsdorf14.2, Michael Gottlieb70.6, Michael Gottlieb344.9, Michael Gottlieb
Pentagonal Icositetrahedron B0.0, Robert Webb1.8, Michael Gottlieb39.7, Michael Gottlieb370.7, Michael Gottlieb
I0.0, Robert Webb10.2, Michael Gottlieb96.0, Michael Gottlieb929.0, Michael Gottlieb
E0.0, Jim McNeill22.7, Michael Gottlieb173.6, Michael Gottlieb2433.1, Alex Doskey
!0.0, Chris Gilsdorf30.4, Michael Gottlieb289.3, Michael Gottlieb-
Rhombic Triacontahedron B0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Michael Gottlieb18.1, Michael Gottlieb68.3, Michael Gottlieb
I0.0, Robert Webb6.2, Michael Gottlieb46.6, Michael Gottlieb198.1, Michael Gottlieb
E0.0, Chris Gilsdorf16.3, Michael Gottlieb87.9, Michael Gottlieb340.0, Michael Gottlieb
!2.1, Michael Gottlieb26.2, Michael Gottlieb120.8, Michael Gottlieb489.2, Michael Gottlieb
Strombic Hexecontahedron B0.0, Jim McNeill3.6, Michael Gottlieb42.2, Michael Gottlieb169.8, Michael Gottlieb
I0.0, Jeff Gullett22.1, Michael Gottlieb95.7, Michael Gottlieb425.8, Michael Gottlieb
E5.0, Michael Gottlieb39.6, Michael Gottlieb146.0, Michael Gottlieb694.5, Michael Gottlieb
!12.5, Michael Gottlieb47.9, Michael Gottlieb232.9, Michael Gottlieb1313.4, Michael Gottlieb
Pentagonal Hexecontahedron B0.0, Alex Doskey16.0, Michael Gottlieb116.8, Michael Gottlieb1049.8, Michael Gottlieb
I0.0, Chris Gilsdorf44.3, Michael Gottlieb269.5, Michael Gottlieb3107.1, Michael Gottlieb
E0.0, Jeff Gullett65.9, Michael Gottlieb483.9, Yuval Sivan-
!8.0, Michael Gottlieb89.2, Yuval Sivan1492.3, Aaron J Hendrickson-
Heptagonal Antiprism B0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Liz Burrow27.4, Michael Gottlieb146.9, Michael Gottlieb
I0.0, Robert Webb3.4, Michael Gottlieb60.8, Michael Gottlieb359.0, Michael Gottlieb
E0.0, Robert Webb16.8, Michael Gottlieb137.9, Michael Gottlieb813.0, Michael Gottlieb
!0.0, Robert Webb26.8, Michael Gottlieb224.1, Michael Gottlieb909.5, Michael Gottlieb
Hendecagonal Prism B0.0, Robert Webb0.0, DBWoerner8.9, Michael Gottlieb92.6, Michael Gottlieb
I0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Jeff Gullett45.2, Michael Gottlieb249.0, Michael Gottlieb
E0.0, Robert Webb7.8, Michael Gottlieb61.4, Michael Gottlieb416.9, Michael Gottlieb
!0.0, Robert Webb11.4, Michael Gottlieb120.6, Michael Gottlieb1232.3, Aaron J Hendrickson
Dodecagonal-faced Near-miss B0.0, Jeff Gullett10.3, Michael Gottlieb84.3, Michael Gottlieb475.3, Michael Gottlieb
I0.0, Jeff Gullett26.0, Michael Gottlieb159.6, Michael Gottlieb992.7, Michael Gottlieb
E3.9, Michael Gottlieb46.4, Michael Gottlieb249.7, Michael Gottlieb3594.1, Alex Doskey
!5.2, Michael Gottlieb67.5, Michael Gottlieb570.2, TriNitro-
Enneagonal-faced Near-miss B0.0, Lewi13.8, Michael Gottlieb80.3, Michael Gottlieb424.3, Michael Gottlieb
I0.0, Jeff Gullett33.3, Michael Gottlieb161.9, Michael Gottlieb937.7, Michael Gottlieb
E0.0, Jeff Gullett55.5, Michael Gottlieb349.2, Michael Gottlieb3051.2, Aaron J Hendrickson
!0.0, Jeff Gullett112.1, Michael Gottlieb757.3, Aaron J Hendrickson-
Bilunabirotunda B0.0, Robert Webb0.0, Jeff Gullett27.2, Michael Gottlieb164.8, Michael Gottlieb
I0.0, Robert Webb6.8, Michael Gottlieb52.9, Michael Gottlieb252.5, Michael Gottlieb
E0.0, Robert Webb9.2, Michael Gottlieb108.9, Michael Gottlieb484.3, Michael Gottlieb
!0.0, Robert Webb18.9, Michael Gottlieb140.2, Michael Gottlieb839.6, Michael Gottlieb
Half-truncated Truncated Icosahedron
B0.0, 4K-EOTS44.0, Michael Gottlieb230.9, Michael Gottlieb1619.5, Michael Gottlieb
I10.9, Michael Gottlieb85.4, Michael Gottlieb518.7, Michael Gottlieb3284.1, Michael Gottlieb
E19.2, Michael Gottlieb178.2, Michael Gottlieb863.5, Michael Gottlieb14413.7, Bbaass_TMH
!25.4, Michael Gottlieb406.3, Michael Gottlieb1935.9, Aaron Hendrickson-
Stella Octangula B0.0, Robert Webb7.7, Michael Gottlieb52.8, Michael Gottlieb176.1, Michael Gottlieb
I0.0, Robert Webb19.1, Michael Gottlieb99.4, Michael Gottlieb363.9, Michael Gottlieb
E0.1, Alex Doskey39.9, Michael Gottlieb180.7, Michael Gottlieb604.8, Michael Gottlieb
!0.0, Chris Gilsdorf68.5, Michael Gottlieb285.4, Michael Gottlieb1149.5, Michael Gottlieb
3D Cross B0.0, Robert Webb0.0, AvonBeckyCarr-Eureka-CA21.2, Michael Gottlieb84.9, Michael Gottlieb
I0.0, Robert Webb12.0, Michael Gottlieb55.8, Michael Gottlieb232.2, Michael Gottlieb
E0.0, Alex Doskey24.8, Michael Gottlieb98.0, Michael Gottlieb372.8, Michael Gottlieb
!0.0, Jeff Gullett31.9, Michael Gottlieb174.1, Michael Gottlieb634.2, Michael Gottlieb
Great Rhombihexacron B0.0, Jeff Gullett18.0, Michael Gottlieb109.4, Michael Gottlieb488.5, Michael Gottlieb
I5.8, Michael Gottlieb51.8, Michael Gottlieb255.2, Michael Gottlieb1086.9, Michael Gottlieb
E8.8, Michael Gottlieb110.2, Michael Gottlieb496.2, Michael Gottlieb2182.2, Michael Gottlieb
!15.2, Michael Gottlieb182.0, Michael Gottlieb822.8, Michael Gottlieb3236.2, Michael Gottlieb
Great Strombic Icositetrahedron B0.0, Jeff Gullett17.1, Michael Gottlieb89.0, Michael Gottlieb370.2, Michael Gottlieb
I11.7, Michael Gottlieb42.8, Michael Gottlieb160.5, Michael Gottlieb755.4, Michael Gottlieb
E20.7, Michael Gottlieb75.2, Michael Gottlieb261.9, Michael Gottlieb1175.0, Michael Gottlieb
!31.3, Michael Gottlieb116.7, Michael Gottlieb468.6, Michael Gottlieb2375.7, Michael Gottlieb
Great Cubicuboctahedron B3.8, Michael Gottlieb65.6, Michael Gottlieb333.4, Michael Gottlieb1852.5, Michael Gottlieb
I28.0, Michael Gottlieb147.2, Michael Gottlieb972.7, Michael Gottlieb5338.7, Jeff Gullett
E46.9, Michael Gottlieb273.7, Michael Gottlieb1171.9, Michael Gottlieb-
!52.7, Michael Gottlieb434.9, Michael Gottlieb3479.6, Aaron J Hendrickson-
Small Stellated Dodecahedron B0.0, Robert Webb20.2, Michael Gottlieb95.2, Michael Gottlieb451.3, Michael Gottlieb
I5.8, Michael Gottlieb55.6, Michael Gottlieb202.9, Michael Gottlieb953.4, Michael Gottlieb
E11.5, Michael Gottlieb74.0, Michael Gottlieb329.6, Michael Gottlieb1503.5, Yuval Sivan
!18.3, Michael Gottlieb107.0, Michael Gottlieb653.3, Michael Gottlieb3089.6, Michael Gottlieb
Great Stellated Dodecahedron B6.7, Chris Gilsdorf48.0, Michael Gottlieb170.6, Michael Gottlieb628.0, Michael Gottlieb
I25.7, Chris Gilsdorf129.7, Michael Gottlieb316.0, Michael Gottlieb1159.7, Yuval Sivan
E43.5, Chris Gilsdorf302.1, Chris Gilsdorf564.9, Michael Gottlieb2008.9, Yuval Sivan
!441.1, Aaron J Hendrickson752.9, DBWoerner1091.3, Michael Gottlieb-
Compound of 5 Octahedra B17.9, Michael Gottlieb75.6, Michael Gottlieb287.2, Michael Gottlieb1285.9, Michael Gottlieb
I32.5, Michael Gottlieb150.4, Michael Gottlieb585.4, Michael Gottlieb2568.2, Michael Gottlieb
E62.9, Michael Gottlieb279.1, Michael Gottlieb1265.5, Michael Gottlieb4286.8, Michael Gottlieb
!122.3, Michael Gottlieb743.9, Michael Gottlieb1934.7, Michael Gottlieb-
Dodecadodecahedron B10.1, Michael Gottlieb59.1, Michael Gottlieb236.8, Michael Gottlieb1208.7, Michael Gottlieb
I28.4, Michael Gottlieb129.8, Michael Gottlieb519.9, Michael Gottlieb2588.1, Michael Gottlieb
E49.8, Michael Gottlieb188.8, Michael Gottlieb1044.7, Michael Gottlieb11590.6, Aaron J Hendrickson
!124.7, Michael Gottlieb546.2, Michael Gottlieb2906.5, Aaron J Hendrickson-
Great Icosidodecahedron
B1.2, Michael Gottlieb52.0, Michael Gottlieb326.5, Michael Gottlieb2628.2, Michael Gottlieb
I24.8, Benjamin K128.1, Michael Gottlieb758.9, Michael Gottlieb-
E44.5, Michael Gottlieb206.7, Michael Gottlieb1202.1, Michael Gottlieb-
!81.6, Michael Gottlieb386.6, Michael Gottlieb--
Pentagonal Duoprism Net
B0.0, Lewi24.6, Michael Gottlieb120.8, Michael Gottlieb990.3, Michael Gottlieb
I0.0, Michael Gottlieb63.5, Michael Gottlieb219.1, Michael Gottlieb1149.4, Michael Gottlieb
E29.8, Michael Gottlieb109.9, Michael Gottlieb336.0, Michael Gottlieb-
!32.8, Michael Gottlieb136.9, Michael Gottlieb976.0, Aaron J Hendrickson-
One Big Mine B0.0, Marc Schouten27.1, Michael Gottlieb114.8, Michael Gottlieb445.6, Michael Gottlieb
I6.8, Michael Gottlieb69.7, Michael Gottlieb260.0, Michael Gottlieb906.7, Michael Gottlieb
E11.2, Michael Gottlieb115.3, Michael Gottlieb392.8, Michael Gottlieb1593.4, Yuval Sivan
!22.4, Michael Gottlieb192.0, Michael Gottlieb833.3, Michael Gottlieb7075.7, Aaron J Hendrickson
Torus B0.0, Zharmad7.0, Michael Gottlieb41.8, Michael Gottlieb211.3, Michael Gottlieb
I0.0, Marc Schouten16.5, Michael Gottlieb86.8, Michael Gottlieb425.8, Michael Gottlieb
E5.6, Michael Gottlieb45.0, Michael Gottlieb140.2, Michael Gottlieb747.7, Michael Gottlieb
!15.1, Michael Gottlieb65.7, Michael Gottlieb238.4, Michael Gottlieb1206.7, Michael Gottlieb
Torus 2
B0.0, Michael Gottlieb32.9, Michael Gottlieb116.6, Michael Gottlieb622.1, Michael Gottlieb
I17.5, Michael Gottlieb73.3, Michael Gottlieb239.7, Michael Gottlieb1192.7, Michael Gottlieb
E34.7, Michael Gottlieb115.6, Michael Gottlieb503.3, Michael Gottlieb2053.9, Michael Gottlieb
!33.9, Michael Gottlieb197.0, Michael Gottlieb869.9, Michael Gottlieb-
Hollow Cube B7.3, Michael Gottlieb45.0, Michael Gottlieb195.0, Michael Gottlieb753.6, Michael Gottlieb
I49.2, Michael Gottlieb107.9, Michael Gottlieb284.9, Michael Gottlieb1176.0, Michael Gottlieb
E91.2, Michael Gottlieb183.5, Michael Gottlieb541.2, Michael Gottlieb2579.4, Michael Gottlieb
!138.2, Michael Gottlieb236.8, Michael Gottlieb890.2, Michael Gottlieb-
Drilled Truncated Cube B0.0, Robert Webb7.6, Michael Gottlieb62.2, Michael Gottlieb331.6, Michael Gottlieb
I0.0, Robert Webb29.9, Michael Gottlieb123.6, Michael Gottlieb694.7, Michael Gottlieb
E0.0, Robert Webb62.5, Michael Gottlieb239.3, Michael Gottlieb1397.6, Michael Gottlieb
!0.0, Jeff Gullett71.7, Michael Gottlieb577.1, Michael Gottlieb-
Four-Drilled Truncated Octahedron B0.0, Alex Doskey8.6, Michael Gottlieb70.9, Michael Gottlieb333.7, Michael Gottlieb
I0.0, Alex Doskey49.3, Michael Gottlieb182.3, Michael Gottlieb698.6, Michael Gottlieb
E0.0, Chris Gilsdorf68.0, Michael Gottlieb328.7, Michael Gottlieb1324.5, Michael Gottlieb
!0.0, Jeff Gullett140.2, Chris Gilsdorf604.4, Michael Gottlieb-
Prism-Expanded Truncated Octahedron B30.3, TriNitro62.2, Michael Gottlieb214.9, Michael Gottlieb1123.2, Michael Gottlieb
I135.3, TriNitro162.5, Michael Gottlieb482.2, Michael Gottlieb2166.1, Michael Gottlieb
E841.4, TriNitro278.3, Michael Gottlieb1011.3, Michael Gottlieb7731.4, Jeff Gullett
!1583.0, TriNitro805.4, Jeff Gullett2346.4, Aaron J Hendrickson-
Prism-Expanded Truncated Cube B40.5, Lewi49.0, Michael Gottlieb223.5, Michael Gottlieb947.7, Michael Gottlieb
I199.3, Alex Doskey134.7, Michael Gottlieb469.8, Michael Gottlieb1851.0, Michael Gottlieb
E445.1, TriNitro437.4, Lewi951.3, Michael Gottlieb6562.3, Jeff Gullett
!1023.0, TriNitro681.6, Lewi1716.8, Lewi-
Prism-Expanded Truncated Cuboctahedron B101.8, Michael Gottlieb68.9, Michael Gottlieb337.3, Michael Gottlieb1391.4, Michael Gottlieb
I472.7, Michael Gottlieb151.1, Michael Gottlieb663.0, Michael Gottlieb2902.3, Michael Gottlieb
E-430.6, Lewi919.1, Michael Gottlieb10604.8, Jeff Gullett
!-701.2, Lewi4172.9, Alex Doskey-
Zeolite B3.0, Michael Gottlieb68.4, Michael Gottlieb332.2, Michael Gottlieb4515.4, Michael Gottlieb
I44.5, Michael Gottlieb179.8, Michael Gottlieb703.3, Michael Gottlieb14682.8, Jeff Gullett
E67.2, Michael Gottlieb236.6, Michael Gottlieb1304.9, Michael Gottlieb-
!139.5, Michael Gottlieb420.8, Michael Gottlieb--

Most Difficult Boards

These are the boards from above with the longest world record times. Of course, there are still some other boards which haven't been solved at all yet!

Time Player Board Subdivision Level
14682.8Jeff GullettZeolite8Intermediate
14413.7Bbaass_TMHHalf-truncated Truncated Icosahedron8Expert
11590.6Aaron J HendricksonDodecadodecahedron8Expert
10604.8Jeff GullettPrism-Expanded Truncated Cuboctahedron8Expert
8067.3Bbaass_TMHSnub Dodecahedron8Expert
7731.4Jeff GullettPrism-Expanded Truncated Octahedron8Expert
7075.7Aaron J HendricksonOne Big Mine8Insane!
6562.3Jeff GullettPrism-Expanded Truncated Cube8Expert
5857.0Bbaass_TMHTruncated Icosahedron8Expert
5795.7Bbaass_TMHTruncated Icosidodecahedron8Expert

Top World Record Holders

Player Number of non-trivial records held
(greater than 1.0 second only)
Total number of records held
Michael Gottlieb556560
Yuval Sivan1818
Aaron J Hendrickson1515
Jeff Gullett835
Chris Gilsdorf825
Alex Doskey526
Benjamin K11
Aaron Hendrickson11
Robert Webb067
Jim McNeill05
Marc Schouten02
Liz Burrow01


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