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Great Icosahedron

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  • Vertex description: (
  • Faces: 20
  • Edges: 30
  • Vertices: 12
  • Dual: Great stellated dodecahedron

    One of the four Kepler-Poinsot solids. It consists of twenty intersecting triangles. It is a stellation of the icosahedron and a faceting of the dodecahedron.

    I started with this stellation of the icosahedron, which acts as a base for the final peaks. This adds rigidity to the model. This method of construction does require Great Stella however, since Small Stella can not create stellations like this. On the other hand, the nets for this base stellation are very simple (five connected equilateral triangles).
    Rather than build the whole base model first and then attach the final parts to it, I prefer to stick the base parts to the final parts, and then assemble the combined parts. I print the base parts very slightly smaller to allow the final part's tabs to fold easily.
    Glue all the parts together. For the last part, I glued one tab, then put glue on the other four tabs all at once before closing the last part down over them.
    Here is a compound of the great icosahedron with its dual.

    Home > Gallery > My Models > Kepler-Poinsot Polyhedra > Great Icosahedron
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