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Pseudo Great Strombic Icositetrahedron

Dual of the pseudo great rhombicuboctahedron. This is the pseudo version of the great strombic icositetrahedron (See the pseudo strombic icositetrahedron for another example of a pseudo dual model). The three colours show the three different types of face within the model. All faces are the same shape (can you make out the arrow-head or dart shape for a face of each colour?), but they fit into the model in a different way. That is, using the rotational symmetries of the model, you can only transform from a face to another face of the same colour. This model has 4-fold dihedral symmetry (same symmetry as a square anti-prism).

This model was constructed in two parts, as detailed below. For Great Stella users, these two parts can be found in the Parts section of the supplied polyhedron library as Great Dodecacronic Hexecontahedron Pt1 and Great Dodecacronic Hexecontahedron Pt2.

It is interesting to see that most of the green parts magically disappear when you view the model end-on.
To build this model, I started by omitting the two green peaks that extend either way along the 4-fold symmetry axis. They will be added later. Construct all the other peaks and glue them together. For the last four peaks, it is easier to glue on piece in at a time, rather than adding a whole peak, as shown.
I cut a small portion out of the final pieces to leave a hole as shown. This makes it easier to glue these last pieces in, and is OK because we will glue one of the green peaks over it soon.
Here is the net for one of the final two green peaks. I have cut curves into some parts where there will be a hole in the bottom. The underneath part will fit exactly onto the rest of the model, disappearing from view, but providing a snug fit. The hole is not necessary but makes gluing the last tabs easier.
Here are the finished two peaks. Put glue all over the underneath part and put them in place on the model.

Home > Gallery > My Models > Duals of Uniform Polyhedra > Pseudo Great Strombic Icositetrahedron
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