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Great Strombic Icositetrahedron

Dual of the great rhombicuboctahedron. I have used two colours for this model, to show that it can be thought of as a compound of two other uniform duals (see below for details). This means that individual faces are part green and part blue, although I have coloured one face entirely white for clarity.

I made the entire blue model first (same as the (great rhombihexacron, but no need for internal support). Then created a stellation in Great Stella consisting of only the green peaks, with bases that would fit onto the blue model. The net is shown here.
You can cut this out as shown. The curvy bits are so that a hole is left in the base, where tweezers can get in. Note also that I didn't bother with tabs around the base. The base will be glued directly onto the main model, which will make everything solid enough.
Here is the net partly folded and glued.
And here are two of the peaks completed.
The green peaks are then glued onto the blue model as shown. Only two of the peaks have been glued on so far in this picture.
This model is part of a set of three duals models I built, coloured to show the relationships between them. The two-coloured model (great strombic icositetrahedron) can be seen to be a compound of the green model (great hexacronic icositetrahedron) and the blue model (great rhombihexacron). One face has been coloured white in each model to highlight the shape of the faces. Notice that the face of the compound model covers both green and blue parts. All three of these models are stellations of the triakisoctahedron.

Home > Gallery > My Models > Duals of Uniform Polyhedra > Great Strombic Icositetrahedron
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