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Small Rhombihexahedron

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A uniform polyhedron whose faces consist of 12 squares (orange) and 6 octagons (red, green and blue). It is a faceting of the rhombicuboctahedron, that is, it shares the same vertices. It also shares the same vertices with the Small Cubicuboctahedron and the stellated truncated hexahedron. In fact all but the last of those share the same edges too.

Nets for this model were printed from Great Stella using a colour laser printer onto white paper. The result almost looks like plastic. The colour cracks though when scoring and folding, hence the white edges.

The nets from Great Stella.
Start by putting the central cube together, with tabs facing out.
The remaining parts have nets like this. Some tabs should be glued facing out, and others will be glued around other pairs of tabs that were already glued facing out. Just decide as you go.
Here's that central cube again, with four of the other parts glued around the bottom.
Four more parts attached.
One part left to go. Be careful not to get glue on the outside of the model!
Another view of the finished model.

Home > Gallery > My Models > Uniform Polyhedra > Small Rhombihexahedron
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